There are many methods by which accounting is taught, at many levels of Education. This page explores these methods and provides insight into areas of study related to Education and Accounting.

Educational Institutions: Edit

Accounting education can be received in many formats, both online and off. Also, most licensed accountants are required to participate in some form of ongoing education to maintain an understanding of contemporary accounting and attest processes.

Tertiary Edit

UOW school of accounting and finance

Online Edit

There are many courses both continuing education and ones required to obtain inicial licensure that are offered in an online format.

License Buddy - Online CPE Course Aggregator 

Education Topics Edit

Social Justice Edit

What is the impact of a lack of financial means of accountancy students on the ability for those students to achieve a high level of Competency? A study by Kathleen Rudkin from UOW has attempted to quantified it.

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